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Porto & Reis is the reference office in the areas of forensics and accounting, business, and tax advisory services in technical matters related to evidence in Judicial Proceedings, Arbitral Proceedings, and Administrative Tax Proceedings throughout Brazil.


With a multidisciplinary, creative, and agile technical team, Porto & Reis has been recognized for five years as one of the most prominent firms in forensic practice in the Brazilian jurisdiction, according to an annual market survey conducted by the international institution Leaders League, with all its partners nominated as references.


For over 13 years, its team has grown in a sustainable and increasingly diverse way, adding dozens of professionals. They are talents with degrees in Accounting, complemented by Economics, Law, Business Administration, Actuarial Science, and Information Technology, besides counting on independent and strategic partners in engineering and architecture, surpassing the mark of 40 academic degrees, which allow transforming the evidence into an effective instrument to assist in the solution of conflicts and in the prevention of risks of a civil, administrative, tax, or criminal nature.


Acting with ethics and professionalism, the experts at Porto & Reis seek to interpret technical questions of an accounting, business, and tax nature so that, through the production of proof or through the best application of the accounting technique, it is possible to gather evidence that demonstrates or justifies the technical procedures used or minimizes the risks arising from such procedures.


That is why Porto & Reis, whose professionals are trained to act as experts in all federal entities in the country, is regularly recommended by law firms that work in the areas of Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation, as a trusted partner, and is also chosen by legal directors, managers, and shareholders or quota holders of companies in all segments. Thus, Porto & Reis provides essential expertise services for the resolution of disputes in the Judiciary courts, as well as in instances of alternative methods, such as arbitration and mediation in the various Arbitration Chambers, and extrajudicial processes in general.


Our goal is to contribute to our clients' defense by means of factual and technical evidence, obtained from accounting, financial, operational, and tax data in general, acting in judicial forensics, arbitral forensics, and business forensics, whenever the resolution of the demand requires from the magistrate or competent authority, such as an arbitrator, technical knowledge in a specific matter of litigation.


To be a partner in the resolution of conflicts that require technical analysis, transforming evidence into solutions.


To be the first choice for accounting, business, and tax forensics and advisory services in Brazil.


1.    Ethics and loyalty as premises;
2.    Transparent and thorough methodology;
3.    Agility;
4.    Creativity to turn evidence into defense tools;
5.    Respect for institutional relations and their limits;
6.    Respect for labor relations;
7.    Provide opportunities for professional growth and development for the team;
8.    Creative, transparent, and didactic communication;
9.    Respect for diversity and inclusion of people;
10.    Gender equity;
11.    Multidisciplinary talent pool; and
12.    Respect for people, regardless of their function.


Porto & Reis was founded on June 9th, 2009, with the objective of transforming expert evidence of an accounting technical nature into an element of effective gain and increase in the defense of the theses espoused by its clients.

The firm understands that evidence comes from facts that can be traced and identified by professionals who use accounting as a tool in their favor. Porto & Reis, despite its foundation in 2009, has professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the accounting and tax areas, as well as experience in managing the administrative and financial areas of national corporations.

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