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Who we are

Renato Maurício Porto Reis
Lawyer, Business Administrator and Accountant

Master in Accounting and Actuarial Sciences (PUC/SP), Accountant (PUC/MG), Business Administrator (PUC/MG) and Lawyer (UNIP/SP), with specialization in Administration and Management (FGV/SP) and in Finance and Capital Market (IBMEC/SP). Training instructor at Arthur Andersen, member of ANEFAC, CBAR and APEJESP and of the Marion Institute of Professional Excellence. Co-author and reviewer of the book "Accounting Standards and Practices - An Introduction" and of the dissertation "A Contribution to the Measurement of Internally Generated Goodwill". He has worked in accounting and tax forensics since 2003.

Felipe Teixeira Porto Reis
Lawyer and Accountant

Lawyer (PUC/SP) and Accountant (Trevisan/SP), with a Post-Graduation in Tax Law (COGEAE PUC/SP), attended the L.L.M in Tax Law and Corporate Law (INSPER/SP), with an extension in Law and Economics (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland). Member of ANEFAC, CBAR and APEJESP. Served as a professor in the course of Tax and Accounting Planning at COGEAE-PUC/SP. He has been working in accounting and tax forensics since 2003.

Aline Gorrão da Silveira
Accountant and Lawyer

Master in Accounting Sciences (FECAP/SP), Accountant (FECAP/SP) and Lawyer (UNIP/SP. Member of ANEFAC and CBAR. Professor at the Graduate School of Expertise at FECAP/SP. Author of the dissertation "The Technical Assistant Accountant in Asset Matters: Perception of a Group of Lawyers". She has been working in accounting and tax expertise since 2005.

Elisa de Aquino
Accountant and Economist

Master's degree in Accounting, Controllership and Finance (PUC-SP), Accountant (FIPECAFI) and Economist (UNESPAR).

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